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Firefighters Beat Back Flareup Of Thomas Fire In Mountains Northwest Of Fillmore

A flareup of the Thomas Fire outside of Fillmore led to a firefight which threatened dozens of ranches, and homes.

It was a firefight in the mountains northwest of Fillmore near Grand Avenue which had been brewing for days. The fire has been flaring up during the nights this week, and firefighters would use helicopters to knock it down during the days.  But, this time the mountains exploded in flames.

Andy Sobel is with Sycamore Hill ranch, which is located next to the mountains. He says the fire came at the ranch from two directions late Thursday night, and early Friday morning. By around 3 a.m., there was a sea of flames in the mountains.

Sobel says the flames were intense, but firefighters were prepared, and fought back the inferno. By daylight, the firefight was over, with not just the ranch, but neighboring ranches, and homes coming through the inferno without major losses.

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