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Ventura County Man Sentenced To Life In Prison Without Possibility Of Parole For 2013 Killing

A Ventura County man has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for kidnapping one woman, and murdering a second.

It started in July of 2013, when Andres Rodriguez and Melissa Salazar were robbed. Prosecutors say they kidnapped a woman that knew who robbed them, with the woman directing them to a Santa Paula home. After a confrontation, a man who was in the home fled, but Rodriguez shot, and fatally wounded Angela Bryant. Rodriguez and Salazar initially fled to Mexico, but were arrested a few months later.

Rodriguez pled guilty to first degree murder and kidnapping, as well as using a gun in commission of the crimes. Salazar had already pled guilty to kidnapping and other charges, and received a 20 year sentence.