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Ventura County Sends Team Of Victim Rights Advocates To Help Those Impacted By Las Vegas Rampage

Ventura County sent a team of victim rights advocates to Las Vegas, to help provide services to the more than 22,000 people impacted by the Las Vegas shooting rampage.

Nevada officials, as well as federal and state workers have been swamped with requests for help. The three person team from Ventura County is expected to work in Las Vegas through the weekend. 

A Family Assistance Center set up at the Las Vegas Convention Center is helping with everything from counseling to assistance with funeral and medical expenses. They’re also helping people who were at the concert recover personal items like purses which were left behind as the huge crowd fled.

The Ventura County DA’s office is encouraging people from our region who were at the concert to contact their Crime Victim’s Assistance Unit, to find out about support which is available.

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