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Hundreds March On South Coast To Demand Action On Climate Change

Photo by Skyler Bennett​, MyWorld Productions​; Art by Claire Frandsen​ and Iris Kelly​
Protesters in Santa Barbara line up to create a sun with the words "100% Clean Energy."

Thousands of people across the country and right here on the South Coast marched over the weekend to demand action on climate change. The People’s Climate Marches took place on Saturday, which coincided with President Donald Trump’s 100th day in office.

Katie Davis, the chair of Santa Barbara Sierra Club, was one of the organizers of the march from La Playa Stadium at Santa Barbara City College to Shoreline Park.

"We're getting the message out that climate change is real and that we need to take action on it. And we can't let Trump take us backwards," she said.

Participants lined up to create a sun with words that read “100% clean energy.”

Another march was held in Ventura from Mission Park to the Botanical Gardens.

Among the issues concerning protesters is an executive order signed by President Trump on Friday that could reopen parts of the California coast to new offshore oil and gas drilling.