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Santa Barbara County Grand Jury Recommends Law Enforcement Officers Use Body Cameras


A new Grand Jury report says all law enforcement officers in Santa Barbara County should be using body cameras.

The Santa Barbara County Grand Jury says body cameras have become a key tool in evaluating disputes for both the public, and law enforcement. The Grand Jury says while the data many not always provide clear cut answers, it can sometimes contribute key new information in unraveling the truth about incidents.

The Guadalupe Police Department is the only agency in the county to equip all of its officers with cameras. The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department has been using cameras with members of the Isla Vista Foot Patrol. The Santa Barbara Police Department tested cameras, but hasn’t moved ahead with implementing their use.

The Grand Jury notes the systems can be expensive, and there’s the risk they will become outdated quickly. The report suggests that the costs might ultimately be offset by fewer financial losses through lawsuits.