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Farm Workers Protest In Ventura County Over Immigration Concerns

Farm workers demonstrate at a protest in Oxnard.

Farm workers took to the streets to protest in Ventura County this weekend.

Men and women who work in the fields marched on Sunday in Oxnard with signs that say “We Feed You,” “Resist” and “Trump, Who Will Feed America?”

Farm worker Jose Guadalupe, who’s undocumented, said he’s calling for protections against deportation.

“Nobody should go to work afraid of immigration because we are not criminals. We are here just to work," he said. "This is a huge country, and somebody needs to feed them. And we are bringing all the goods to your table, so we shouldn’t have to be scared of going to work.”

He and others are protesting President Donald Trump and his immigration policy while also marking the birthday of Cesar Chavez.