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Prosecutors Rule Fatal Shooting Of Man Armed With Knife By Ventura County Sheriff's Deputy Justified

Ventura County prosecutors ruled the fatal shooting by a Sheriff’s deputy of a man armed with a knife was justified, because the officer was in clear danger.

It happened in December of 201, in Camarillo.  Bryant Duncan called 911 from a Camarillo convenience story, saying that he was going to rob it, and that he needed deputies to come and kill him.

A deputy arriving on the scene said that Duncan approached his patrol car. The officer said Duncan at first tried to get into the passenger side of the patrol car, prompting the deputy to get out of the vehicle. The man then advanced towards the deputy armed with a knife. The officer repeatedly told Duncan to drop the knife. However, he kept advancing, and the officer backed up more than 100 feet before opening fire, fatally injuring Duncan.

Witnesses say Duncan was within striking distance of the deputy. The shooting was captured by a passerby on a cell phone, which prosecutors say provided key evidence backing the deputy’s efforts to try to end the confrontation peacefully.

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