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Marches To Support Social Justice Issues Held Throughout South, Central Coasts


Thousands of people took to the streets across the South and Central Coasts on Saturday as a part of national demonstration in support of civil rights and social justice issues. The marches that were held in Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and Los Angeles – among nearly 300 cities throughout the country -- coincided with the Women’s March on Washington.

Marchers gathered at Plaza Park in Ventura for a walk through the city's downtown area which included a rally, speakers and entertainment. Participants held signs that said things like “America Is For All Of Us” and “Love Not Hate Makes America Great.” 

It was meant to be a positive and peaceful demonstration and not an Anti-Trump protest -- even though many of the people who attended were unhappy that Donald Trump became president of the United States. They marched to support women, the LGBT community, immigrants, the disabled, the planet, the poor, the undocumented, African-Americans, Hispanics, Muslims and the dignity and rights of every person.