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What Happened To Kimberly? Oxnard Girl Is Focus Of Mystery

Authorities are trying to find Kimberly Lopez, an Oxnard girl who disappeared in 2015. Her parents are currently in custody after investigators say they failed to provide accurate information on her whereabouts

What happened to a little four year old girl from Ventura County? Oxnard Police say Kimberly Lopez is missing, her parents can’t account for her whereabouts, and relatives are concerned.

The little girl had been a dependent child of the Ventura County Juvenile Court. The little girl was last seen at an Oxnard home in March of 2015, which was the final required home visit by authorities before the case involving the girl was dismissed.

This last July, Ventura County Children and Family Services received a phone call from someone concerned about Kimberly’s whereabouts. Officials say the parents, Omar and Mayra Lopez of Oxnard, claimed the child was in Mexico, but repeated efforts to verify it failed to turn up any evidence she was there.

A missing person’s case has been opened, with Oxnard Police, the FBI, and the Ventura County District Attorney’s Office involved. Relatives of the girl say they are concerned, and the couple is in custody for failing to account for their daughter. Authorities are hoping the public may have information which may help in this missing person’s case.