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New State Data Show Gun Sales Grow Dramatically in Ventura County


Gun sales in California have been rising over the last two decades, and one county on the South Coast is significantly adding to that increase. That’s according to new numbers released by the State Attorney General’s office on a website called “Open Justice.”

It shows that Ventura County has disproportionately contributed to the growth of gun sales in the state. Among 13 of California’s most populous counties, Ventura County has the third highest increase in gun sales between 2001 and last year at 256%, behind only Sacramento and San Bernardino counties.

Ventura County Chief Assistant District Attorney Jan Maurizi said with terrorist attacks and a recent increase in violent crime, she’s not surprised.

"People need to protect themselves and protect their family," she said. "And, as good and as honorable and hardworking as our law enforcement officers are, they can't be at every house at every moment."

In terms of gun sales during the same time period, the study shows that Ventura County ranks around the middle, at 28th place out of 55 California counties, with a rate of 1,750 per 100,000 people. Santa Barbara County has the 14th lowest gun sales rate and San Luis Obispo has the  43rd lowest.