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Ventura Mother Arrested For Child Endangerment, Attacking Officers

A Ventura mother accused of child endangerment and attacking officers is finally in custody. 

Police officers responded to the Bayshore Inn on Main Street Friday afternoon for a welfare check of a 29-year-old woman and her six-month-old baby.

Ventura Police Sergeant William Dolan said the woman – identified as Allison Silva – ran from officers holding onto her child.

"It looked as if she was trying climb out a second-story window that was a straight drop down to the asphalt below," he said. "The officers grabbed her to keep her from climbing out the window, and she became violently resistant."

Silva is accused of kicking and hitting officers several times during the struggle over the child. She was eventually arrested and booked for child endangerment and violently resisting officers. No one was injured. The baby is with Child Protective Services and is doing fine.