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Zika Virus Surfaces In Santa Barbara County

Ventura County had its first confirmed case of Zika virus earlier this month.  Now, there’s word Santa Barbara County has a confirmed case.

Santa Barbara County Public Health Department officials say a pregnant woman contracted the virus while traveling in Central America. Because of patient privacy concerns, additional details about the case aren’t being confirmed.

County health officials say the mosquitoes which can carry the Zika virus haven’t been found in the county, and there have been no documented cases to transmission by mosquito in California. However, they caution people can still contract Zika through travel to areas where the virus is an issue, or by having unprotected sexual contact with someone carrying it.

There have been Zika virus outbreaks in Africa, parts of Asia, on some Pacific islands, in Mexico, and in Central and South America. Most people who get it don’t have any symptoms, but it can cause birth defects.