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Ventura County University Offers Class On Baseball Which Is Window Into U.S. History

California Luthern University In Thousand Oaks offers a unique class which looks at baseball's history as a reflection on U.S. history. It's taught by CLU President Chris Kimball, who is a history professor and baseball historian

The cry “Play Ball!” is being heard around the country this week.

The 2016 Major League Baseball season is underway. The Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles Angels both open their seasons tonight.

Some college students in Ventura County are more than ready for the start of the season, because they’ve been taking a unique class looking at the history of what’s known as “America’s Pastime.”

The California Lutheran University class use the sport as a vehicle to examine U.S. history, looking at issues like the Depression, wars, and race which affected baseball and the nation as a whole. 

The class is taught by Chris Kimball, who is not only a history professor and baseball historian, he's also the President of CLU.  It's the first time the class has been offered in Ventura County.

The class doesn't delve into the nuts and bolts of how the game is played, but instead focuses on the evolution of the sport as it reflects on events in American society.  CLU is the parent of KCLU Radio.