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Fly Through The Air, With (Hopefully!) The Greatest Of Ease; Santa Barbara Now Has Trapeze School

Some people driving on Highway 101 in Santa Barbara are seeing an jaw-dropping sight. Right off of the highway, some 25 feet up in the air, there’s a man swinging through the air on a huge trapeze. No, the circus hasn’t come to town. But, the Earl Warren Showgrounds, known for everything from flower to horse shows, is now also home to a trapeze school.

Shane Weaver is with the Santa Barbara Trapeze Company, which has been offering classes at the Earl Warren Showgrounds since September. It’s hard to miss it. The trapeze is set up in the parking lot right next to the main gate.

After a crash course on how to do it, you’re placed in a safety harness. You climb up a ladder, and try the trapeze swing. More advanced things you can try include doing somersaults while landing in the net, and even doing a handoff with one of the instructors.

The Santa Barbara Trapeze Company offers lessons Thursdays through Sundays at the Earl Warren Showgrounds.