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KCLU thanks our beloved colleague, Morning Edition host Willa Sandmeyer

KCLU would like to thank our beloved colleague Willa Sandmeyer as she steps back from her duties as the fulltime host of Morning Edition.

After nine years as KCLU’s Morning Edition anchor, Willa Sandmeyer has stepped back from her full-time duties as of June 2, 2023. She is looking forward to spending more time with her husband, getting up after sunrise, and having a freer schedule that will allow for more travel adventures.

Listen to the on air send-off the KCLU team did for Willa during her last full-time shift.

Willa Send Off.mp3

We will miss hearing her voice each morning, but Willa will remain an important member of the KCLU family and you will still hear her on the air as a fill-in host on Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

Join us in thanking Willa for being our trusted morning companion these past nine years buy sharing your messages on either Facebook or Instagram.