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Renowned Architect Returns To South Coast To Inspire "Green Building"

Renowned architect Edward Mazria

A renowned architect, who motivated a South Coast city to adopt one of the “greenest” energy codes in the nation, is returning this week.

Edward Mazria said his talk in Santa Barbara a decade ago prompted the city to become a leader in energy efficiency by creating a very progressive energy code for the building sector.

“It was a local code that actually went beyond the state code," he said. "And it was the first one to do that.”

Now, he’s coming back to Santa Barbara for a free talk this Wednesday evening at the Marjorie Luke Theater where he hopes to once again inspire the city to go further.

“An incredibly efficient world out there that’s essentially waiting to be had,” he said.

The goal is to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050. And, Mazria said “achieving zero” is a must to avoid runaway global warming.

“Whether you believe it or you don’t believe it, who even wants to take the chance?," he said. "Because if the scientific community proves correct, the prognosis is not a happy one.”