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Group Seeking To Keep Conservation Measures In Place In Ventura County Submits Ballot Petitions

Backers of an extension of the "SOAR" initiative in Ventura County prepare to turn in 35,000 signatures today to get the proposal on the November ballot. They are seeking to extend SOAR from 2020, when it's set to sunset, to 2050.

Backers of a current initiative to protect farmland and open space in Ventura County from development turned in tens of thousands of signatures to put an extension of the measure on the county’s November ballot.

The “SOAR” measure for unincorporated parts of the county is set to expire in 2020, but today, supporters turned in petitions with signatures seeking a ballot measure to extend it to 2050.

“SOAR” proponents say they turned in 35,000 signatures, well over the 20,000 needed to qualify the measure. They’re trying to get similar measures on the ballots of eight cities in the county.

Opponents are circulating petitions for what’s described as a less restrictive counterproposal.