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Officials Take Aim At Vacation Rentals In South Coast City

A South Coast city is trying to collect taxes from homeowners who are renting out rooms, or an entire house, for overnight stays known as vacation rentals.

There's been a surge in this type of room rental for the last several years.

Unlike at hotels, some of these rentals take place without paying any required overnight taxes.

Santa Barbara City officials say they've been missing out on a source of revenue, and some neighbors near vacation rental properties have complained about the impacts.

Those renting rooms say they should be able to do what they want with their homes when it comes to rentals, and some add that they desperately need the extra income.

Subpoenas were first sent out to companies advertising the rentals last year to gain information.

This week the Santa Barbara city council approved a new round of letters, aimed at getting more information about the overnight stays, including duration and addresses of the properties involved.