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Ventura County Recommending Restaurants, Bars Not Show Super Bowl But Many Say TV's Will Be On


The Super Bowl game has public health officials on the Central and South Coasts concerned that viewing parties could create a new COVID-19 surge.  Ventura County is urging restaurants, bars and other dining establishments not to show the game.  But, it’s a recommendation many businesses in Ventura County say they won’t follow.

The County looked at taking the same action as Los Angeles County, requiring that TV’s be turned off Super Bowl weekend at restaurants, bars, brewpubs, and other similar places on Super Bowl Sunday.

County leaders then decided against the move.  The county is now recommending, but not requiring that TV’s in places which are open for outdoor dining be left off on game day.

KCLU News checked in with a dozen restaurants and bars around Ventura County offering outdoor dining and all said they would show the game.

Some added they are following all of the health requirements, like the social distancing of tables, but say it’s a big day for them business-wise.

Santa Barbara County hasn’t taken any action on the question of watching the Super Bowl and restaurants, but health officials are urging people not to have big gatherings.