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Highest Single Day COVID-19 Death Toll Yet For Central, South Coasts; 46 Deaths Reported


The COVID-19 related death toll continues to mount on the Central and South Coasts.  46 deaths were reported Thursday, the region’s highest one day total yet.

29 were in Ventura County, 11 in San Luis Obispo County, and six in Santa Barbara County.  The three counties have now had 891 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

Breaking it down by counties, Ventura County has had 491 deaths, Santa Barbara County 249, and San Luis Obispo County 151.

The Tri-Counties had 1359 new cases of the virus reported Thursday.  Ventura County is reporting 834, Santa Barbara County 353, and San Luis Obispo County 172.

But, there's one bit of good news.  COVID-19 numbers have eased slightly statewide, and in parts of our region.  Ventura County Public health officials note that while the daily count is still very high, the dail avaerage has come down substantially during the last few days.

The region’s overall total since the first cases were detected in the region now tops 105,000.