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Governor Warns California At COVID-19 Tipping Point; Concern High About Spike In Hospitalizations


Governor Gavin Newsom says California has reached the tipping point in the coronavirus crisis, and that we can’t sustain the record high numbers of cases we’re seeing.  Public health officials are worried that we are on a path to fill up hospital spaces for those who are critically ill.

Governor Gavin Newsom says we aren’t in the danger zone yet as far as hospital capacity is concerned, but the numbers are headed in that direction.  He says the state has had an 89% increase in hospitalizations during the last two weeks.

The governor says if we don’t do more, some hospital intensive units could be overwhelmed by Christmas.  Newsom says the spike doesn’t have to be a given, and that’s why stay at home orders were expanded.

He says if the spike continues, more additions could be made to the current health orders.