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Arts Project Which Puts Pianos On The Streets Of South Coast Community Goes Online This Year

(Photo courtesy Santa Barbara Arts Collaborative)
Pianos on State artists Irene Ramirez and Stephen Harper at the Community Arts Workshop during Pianos on State 2020.

An annual event which mixes art and music on the South Coast is one of the latest things to be impacted by the coronavirus crisis.  But, organizers of the celebration which puts pianos out in the community for street concerts have figured out a different way to make it happen.

It’s a more than decade old tradition in Santa Barbara called “Pianos On State Street.”

Some pianos are painted every year by artists, and placed along State Street for a series of small community concerts, as well as for anyone who wants to sit down and play. 

But this year, the coronavirus crisis has brought a big twist to the event.  Because of concerns the pianos would attract crowds, the piano couldn't be placed on the street.

Casey Caldwell is Managing Director of the Community Arts Workshop and the Santa Barbara Arts Collaborative, which spearheaded the project.  He says this year’s event is called “Pianos On State 2020: Pianos Online.”  There are a number of performances with the pianos at places like the Lobero Theater, and the Center Stage Theater.

Most of this year’s “Pianos on State” performances are now available online, with more debuting this week.

Caldwell says the community is also invited to contribute its piano performances in an online form this year.

You can find a link to the “Pianos on State” project at: