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Learning To Act Online; South Coast College Program Takes On Challenge Posed By Pandemic


The pandemic has changed the way education is taking place around the world.  Remote learning has become the norm.

But, it’s easier said that done with some classes.  An acting class on the South Coast for older adults has taken on the challenge, and has adapted to being online.

The “Urge To Act” is an acting calls for older adult offered by Santa Barbara City College’s School of Extended Learning.  Alf Smith of Santa Barbara was challenged by his daughters to give acting a try.  Smith says he loves it. 

He worked in the software business, and had zero experience in acting before giving it a try.  He says not only did it pose a challenge, he developed a number of new friends from it.

The class is so popular that some people have taken versions of it for years.

Philip Levien teaches the “Urge To Act” class.  They are night classes offered two nights a week.  The students are not only learning acting, they are producing a series of one act-plays online.

But, the SBCC program, like many things took a big twist earlier this year when the pandemic bit.

Instructor Philip Levien talks about what he hopes students take away from the program.

The schedule for the next round of free SBCC adult education class goes online next week, with registration in December and the start of classes in January.  Link to SBCC School of Extended Learning:

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