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Latest Coronavirus Case Count Numbers On Central, South Coasts On Low Side


The Labor Day holiday weekend is at hand, and health officials on the Central and South Coasts are hoping people will follow social distancing and other coronavirus safety measures.

Santa Barbara County is limiting its beaches to walking, running, swimming, and surfing, but is banning sitting and sunbathing for the weekend.  There are no restrictions on Ventura County beaches.

The number of new cases in the region was on the low side Thursday.  Ventura County had 84, Santa Barbara County 71, and San Luis Obispo County 12.  More than 22,000 cases have now been reported in the region, with most of those diagnosed with the virus already recovering.

The death toll stands at 233, with 116 in Ventura County, 97 in Santa Barbara County, and 20 in San Luis Obispo County.