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Annual Fiesta Bike Ride Takes Place In Santa Barbara County, In Defiance Of Health Safety Orders

(Photo by John Palminteri)
Hundreds of cyclists defy health safety orders in Santa Barbara Sunday, gathering for an annual bike run.

Hundreds of bicyclists defied coronavirus related health safety orders, and took park in an annual cycling event in Santa Barbara County.

The Fiesta Cruiser Run has been an informal tradition as a part of Santa Barbara’s Old Spanish Days Celebration.  On the final day of Fiesta, thousands of cyclists would gather at Stearns Wharf and ride west into Goleta, and Isla Vista.

Because of coronavirus safety concerns over large group gatherings, Santa Barbara County health officials have been warning people not to do the ride this year. 

But, hundreds of people showed up and took part anyway Sunday.  Some wore masks, but many others didn’t.