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Coronavirus Surge Continues On Central, South Coasts With 880+ Cases Over Weekend


The surge in new coronavirus cases on the Central and South Coasts is continuing, with more than 880 additional cases reported over the weekend.

Ventura County added 556 new cases from Friday through Sunday, for a total of 5748.  Santa Barbara County picked up 232 over the three-day period, bringing it to 4991.  And, San Luis Obispo County picked up 93, to reach 1306 cases.

The overall total for the three counties now tops the 12,000 mark, with 12,045 cases.  Most of those diagnosed with the virus in the region have already recovered. 

Ventura County has had one additional coronavirus death, pushing its total to 58.  Santa Barbara has had 32 deaths, and San Luis Obispo County six.