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One Of The Worst Days Yet For New Coronavirus Cases On Central, South Coasts; 400+ Reported


The Central and South Coasts have had one of their worst days yet for the number of new coronavirus cases.  More than 400 new cases have been reported during the most recent 24 hour period, pushing the total past the 11,000 mark.

Ventura County is reporting 224 new cases, moving its total to 5192 cases.  Santa Barbara County had 137 additional cases, to push its total to 4759.  And, San Luis Obispo County has had 1213 cases, an increase of 55.

Most of those diagnosed with coronavirus have already recovered.  About a thousand of Santa Barbara County’s cases are linked to the federal prison complex in Lompoc.

One additional coronavirus related death was reported in Ventura County, bringing its total to 57, and the three-county total to 95.