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Santa Barbara County Coronavirus Testing Swamped; County Backs Off On Who Is Eligible


Santa Barbara County Public Health officials say their coronavirus testing system has been swamped, and are backing away from whom can get tested.

County Health officials say many people who have been isolated, and don't have symptoms have been showing up since the county eased requirements for a test.  They say a lot of people who don't need the test, but are curious have been registering.

They say the system is so flooded there is now a nearly two week waiting list now to get tested.  And, because of the way the state registration system is set up, there is no way to prioritize testing for those who really need it.

As a result, the county is now limiting testing to those with symptoms or a known exposure, those required to get tested by employers such as essential workers,  and those directed by a health care provider to get tested.