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Four New Coronavirus Deaths On Central, South Coasts; Number Of Diagnosed Cases Tops 3800


As more sectors of the economy closed by coronavirus reopen on the Central and the South Coasts, there’s word of four additional deaths in the region.

There have been 59 deaths overall in our area.  Ventura County is reporting two new deaths, bringing its total to 40.  Santa Barbara County also add two, for 18 overall.  And, San Luis Obispo County has had just one.  Most of the deaths are older adults with preexisting health conditions.

There have been more than 3800 confirmed coronavirus cases in the region. 

Santa Barbara County reported 61 on Friday, the largest one-day total since the start of the crisis.  But, health officials say the number includes some test results from other days which were delayed due to processing issues at a lab.

Ventura County has 1518 diagnosed cases, Santa Barbara County 1971, and San Luis Obispo County 324.  It’s a regional total of 1813 cases.  More than half of Santa Barbara County’s numbers are linked to the federal prison complex in Lompoc.

The new numbers come as Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties are in the next stage of reopening, allowing places like gyms, schools, and day camps to get back to business.