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South Coast Officials Concerned About Lack Of Coronavirus Precautions At Rally

Ventura County health and public safety officials are concerned about the lack of health precautions at a large demonstration at the Ventura County Government Center Friday. The rally was held by people opposed to business closure and stay at home orders

Ventura Couty government officials are worried there could be a repeat of a rally in Ventura in which hundreds of people upset with coronavirus stay at home, and business shudown orders failed to follow health safety guidelines.

People wern't following social distancing guidelines, or wearing masks at the event which attracted more than 500 people.  Some of those on hand were members of high risk groups, like those over 65.

A number of people openly acknowledged to KCLU News they wern't following guidelines, and were unconcerned  about catching or spreading the virus. 

Afterwards, county health and public safety officials said that events like the rally held without precautions could undo efforts to stop the spread of the virus through social distancing.  They said while they respect the rights of people to openly express their opinions, the demonstrators are violating public safety orders when they do it in an unsafe way.