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Demonstrators Demand Lifting Of Coronavirus Stay At Home, Business Closure Orders In Ventura County

Demonstrators calling for the easing of coronavirus related stay at home and business closure orders hold a protest at the Ventura County Government Center Friday

Governor Gavin Newsom says California could be days, instead of weeks, away from the easing of coronavirus related restrictions. The governor says the next wave of actions could include reopening restaurants and retail stores.

But that’s not soon enough for some Ventura County residents. 

Hundreds held a demonstration in Ventura Friday afternoon.

More than 500 people took part in the event on the front lawn of the Ventura County Government Center, as others circled the complex in vehicles honking their horns and waving signs. The protestors demanded the removal of coronavirus restrictions.

They held up signs saying stay at home orders needed to be lifted immediately, and businesses should be allowed to reopen. Many claimed the situation is unconstitutional. Mitch Silverman of Thousand Oaks, who was one of the demonstrators, says enough is enough, and it’s time to reopen the county.

There was virtually no social distancing at the rally, and no one was wearing masks.

The demonstration was peaceful, and police watched from a distance. But Ventura County Sheriff Bill Ayub warned that people not following health guidelines face the potential for prosecution.