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One Sign Of Relief From The Coronavirus Crisis; Ventura County Golf Courses Reopen

Golfers return to the Los Robles Greens Golf Course In Thousand Oaks, after a month long closure due to coronavirus concerns

It’s a sound you haven’t heard on Ventura County golf course for more than a month.  It’s the thwack of golfers hitting golf balls.  John Marino is excited to be out with friends at the Los Robles Greens Golf Course in Thousand Oaks.  He’s golfing with his friend David Anderson.

Ventura County modified its stay at home orders over the weekend, reopening county parks and golf courses.

It almost feels like golf as usual.  But, there are some safety protocols in place.  Some golfers are wearing masks, although it’s optional. 

No more than four golfers are allowed in a group, and groups are required to remain 30 feet apart.  No motorized golf carts can be used.

Things that people like touch, like bunker rates and water stations have been removed.  The pro shop and restaurant are closed, but you can get takeout food.  And perhaps most importantly for would be golfers, they aren’t taking walkups for tee times.  Online reservations are required, which may be especially important on weekends.  It’s a way to limit people on the course.

But, golfers like Craig Von Laken are thrilled to be back in action.  With Los Angeles County golf courses still closed, the Thousand Oaks course is getting visitors like Mike Pollock of West Los Angeles, who says it feels good to be out in the sun golfing.  He says it’s nice to have a sense of normalcy.

Mo Khan is standing by the course’s pro shop, on an overlook above the golf course.  The Thousand Oaks man is a regular here.  But, the 75-year-old says he’s not quite ready to golf yet.  He’s just enjoying watch others hit the links.

Despite the masks, it does feel like a slice of normalcy seeing people golfing.  Ventura County officials say if social distancing continues to work, they how to add to the list of permitted activities in coming weeks.

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