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Ventura County Order Limiting Sales To Essential Items Means Easter Baskets, Greeting Cards Out


Ventura County is continuing to ratchet up its efforts to get people to social distance, and stay at home to stop the spread of coronavirus.  Stores which are still open are now being ordered to limit sales to essential items. A trip to a Rite-Aid store in the Conejo Valley shows you how much things are changing. You can get medicine, food, diapers, and shampoo. But if you’re looking for an Easter basket, you’re out of luck.

The store has them, but because of the county order they can’t sell them. You can buy Easter candy. Candy makes the essential list. But Easter egg dye kits, plastic eggs, or the little rabbit ears kids wear do not. There are signs posted around the story saying by order of the county, non-essential items can’t be sold. It includes things like greeting cards, scented candles, plastic plant pots, and lawn chairs. The new restrictions are in effect, but not all stores in Ventura County had them in place as of Friday afternoon.