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Santa Barbara-Based Nonprofit Looks To Donate Millions Of Protective Masks


Another big shipment of medical supplies is leaving Direct Relief's warehouse in Santa Barbara.

It's headed for Ventura and Alameda Counties, as the number of coronavirus cases in California exceeds 2500.

Normally, Direct Relief plays a backup role in emergency situations, but it's moved to the front of the stage with the need to get N95 masks to hospitals and medical facilities in need.

Direct Relief has a pending order for 2.5 million of the N95 masks, which should arrive this week.

The group has made nearly 1900 deliveries containing thousands of medical supplies in the past three weeks, as the fight against coronavirus continues.

Deliveries to China stopped a month ago. 

The Santa Barbara-based nonprofit has  a large electronic display board showing where supplies are going. California is one of the states receiving the most supplies, as four new loads of N95 masks are divvied up.

Andy worked at KCLU from 2016 until 2022.
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