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A Ventura County based non-profit needs more help packing lunches to give to those in need

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Caroline Feraday
The lunches are distributed in the community to those who are experiencing homelessness or are in need

It’s a way to ensure those who are struggling or are unhoused, have food for lunch.

180 slices of bread are being laid out and filled with ham and cheese, and made into sandwiches, as part of 90 sack lunches being put together by volunteers.

Yara Raymond, one of the volunteers, told KCLU that the lunches are very much needed in the community.

"We all felt the impact of the pandemic, some much more than others and for many, that came with a lot of struggle," said Yara.

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Caroline Feraday
Yara and Cade Raymond are volunteering to prepare sack lunches for those in need in Ventura County

The lunches will be distributed by Harbor House, which helps both low-income and unhoused people, in Ventura County – says Cade Raymond.

"Homelessness is a massive humanitarian crisis in our country and if we all just pitched in and supported these organizations we could make a dent in the problem and help people who are less fortunate than us", said Cade.

More volunteers, like Yara and Cade, are needed to prepare the food and lunches.

Caroline joined KCLU in October 2020. She won LA Press Club's Audio Journalist of the Year Award in 2022.

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