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Documentary about the first Nepali woman to climb Mount Everest has World Premiere in Santa Barbara

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Pasang: In The Shadow Of Everest
A documentary about the first Nepali woman to conquer Mount Everest has its World Premiere in Santa Barbara on Thursday

She’s one of the most famous people in Nepal, but little known outside. Until now.

The documentary Pasang: In The Shadow of Everest tells the story of a female trailblazer who became the first indigenous woman to conquer Mount Everest.

The film, about Pasang Lhamu Sherpa, who battled racism, gender discrimination, and political opposition in her quest.

Her courageous, tragic journey would greatly move her country, inspiring new generations to reach for their rights, says Nancy Svendsen, the film’s director.

"It's a biopic about this extraordinary life of a woman who had the cards stacked against her," she told KCLU.

"One of the things this story does is show the power of one woman's life — what is CAN be," said Svendsen.

The documentary premieres Thursday at Santa Barbara International Film Festival – with further screenings on Friday and Saturday.