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A 'Backyard Bird Count' is winging its way to Santa Barbara County

Channel Islands Restoration
A Backyard Bird Count is taking place on Saturday in Santa Barbara County

How many birds can you see from where you are right now? That’s the task for amateur nature lovers this weekend.

You don’t need experience, or even any special equipment – although binoculars do help – for the Great Backyard Bird Count taking place in Santa Barbara County on Saturday.

Cindy Kimmick, the board president of Channel Islands Restoration who are organizing the event locally, says it’s a fun way for participants of all ages to learn about birds.

She told KCLU that, not only is the bird count a fun way to spend a few hours, but it will help serve the greater good for community research. Bird populations are always under constant change, so to help us get a better understanding of how to protect birds and their habitats, we continuously record data.

The free event involves discovering what bird species reside in our local area and educating ourselves about their distinct characteristics, from the microhabitats they populate to their foraging and nesting habits.

You don't need to be a birder to participate, although binoculars or a camera with a zoom helps, said Kimmick, and each two hour walk will include an experienced birder and a recording specialist, who will compile your count.

You will be provided with a checklist for the day as you observe local species, such as Anna's Hummingbird, the Acorn Woodpecker, the Western Scrub-Jay, the Blue Grosbeak, and many more.

It takes place on Saturday February 19 in Santa Barbara and you can sign up using the link here to receive additional information.