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How do you create the Tri-Counties' CEOs of tomorrow?


A program on the Central Coast is starting them young – with a course that teaches kids the basics of starting their own business.

Jaxson Swack started his own business when he was four…a lemonade stand called Swack's Squeeze Lemonade.

He’s now 10-years-old and one of a group of young entrepreneurs who are learning skills to run their own business, as part of the Junior CEO Program in Santa Maria.

Jaxson is one of around 30 kids at the 5th-7th grade levels participating in the Santa Maria Valley Chamber’s Junior CEO program, a six-week course that walks students through what it takes to start and operate their own business.

Molly Schiff is from Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce and is the person behind the program.

"It's a six-week program," she explained to KCLU. "They learn all these details about how to own and operate a business."

Topics the Junior CEOs learn about include business operation basics, marketing and customer service, money management, food safety and cost models.

While going through these virtual lessons, participants also had the opportunity to design their own business, which they will open to the public on Saturday, November 20th from 11a.m. to 3 p.m. at Santa Maria Town Center Mall.