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South Coast Foodbank struggling to get turkeys and chickens for Thanksgiving

Photo by Alison Marras on Unsplash

Will you be having turkey for Thanksgiving next week? Some in the community may not be, because of supply chain issues, warns a South Coast Foodbank.

It’s the staple of a Thanksgiving meal – the turkey.

But many in need on the South Coast could be facing Thanksgiving without a bird, as a South Coast Foodbank says it is struggling to get poultry for the holidays.

Judith Smith-Meyer from the Foodbank of Santa Barbara says that supply chain issues have left them short of turkeys and chicken for those in the community who are in need - and the demand for foodbanks is greater than ever because of the pandemic and seasonal working.

"This year the supply chain issues are hitting the foodbanks for the first time in the biggest way we have seen so far," she told KCLU.

"We are having a harder time getting birds to distribute to the community," said Smith-Meyer.

Meyer said donations of both small turkeys and chickens are encouraged, with special emphasis for donations by Thanksgiving.

Because of the issues with wholesalers, she said the best way is for community to purchase and donate a bird.

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