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Kid of the swingers: Work underway on new playgrounds in Santa Barbara County

Andamar Park (1).jpg
City of Goleta
The plans for a new playground at Andamar Park in Goleta.

It feels good to get outside to play or work out – and there’s good news for families in part of Santa Barbara County, as construction starts on four new neighborhood playgrounds.

Work is starting on four new neighborhood playgrounds in parks in Goleta.

New kids’ play equipment is being installed at Andamar, Berkely, and Winchester II parks and adult fitness equipment at Winchester I park.

JoAnne Plummer is the Project Manager at the City of Goleta.

"We are hitting on all the different play features for children that we look for in a playground," Plummer told KCLU.

"We look for children to use their motion of spinning or climbing of swinging or brachiating.

"So all of those features including balance is being including in the play areas. It's very exciting for families," added Plummer.

During construction, portions of the park(s), or in some cases the entire park(s), will be closed to public access.