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'It Was A Jolt': Ventura County Earthquake Felt Across Region

U.S. Geological Survey

People are still talking about it…and maybe you felt it. A magnitude 3.6 earthquake centered in Ventura County, rattled parts of Southern California Monday morning.

No injuries or damage were reported, however, a lot of people felt the quake which happened around 8 a.m.

It was centered just outside Thousand Oaks.

Those who felt it said it was an unexpected start to their week.

"I was making coffee," said Barbara Biglow in Agoura Hills. "All of a sudden, boom boom, on one side of the house. I knew right away it was an earthquake."

"I was at a stop-light," said Jess Ross in Westlake Village, "And all of a sudden my car just started shaking. It was bouncing all over the place and I looked around and noticed that the signs were wiggling."

Sharon Morov-Warden in Agoura Hills said that she felt a jolt.

"A big jolt, not a roller - it was a jolt," she told KCLU.