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Historic South Coast Community Center Plans For Much-Needed Repairs To Be Completed By 2023

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City of Goleta
The Goleta Community Center is in need of repairs.

A nearly century-old community center on the South Coast could be getting a new lease on life from much-needed repairs.

Goleta Community Center was built in 1927 – and needs two major construction projects.

They include a seismic retrofit, and work to complete disability access.

The City of Goleta’s Assistant City manager, Kristy Schmidt, says the hope is that if funding is secured then construction can begin in Spring next year.

"We use that facility as an emergency center so it is eligible for FEMA funding," she explained to KCLU.

She said that if all goes to plan with funding repairs to the building, then work can begin in 2022 and be completed in 2023.