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Program Providing Kids' Safety Equipment For Low Income Families on Central Coast

marion car seat.jpg
Photo courtesy of Marian Regional Medical Center
Bike helmets and car seats are being provided to some low-income families on the Central Coast by Marion Regional Center

A program to improve safety for kids on the Central Coast has launched.

You might not be able to stop kids falling off their bikes from time to time, but you can make sure they have the right safety gear for when they do.

A program to provide low-income families with bike helmets and car seats has launched in Santa Maria.

Lisa Abeloe, the Trauma Program Manager at Marion Regional Center - which is behind the program - says she sees a lot of kids come into the Emergency Room after bike and car accidents.

"A lot of families in the area can't afford any of the extra safety equipment. Once a car seat or a bike helmet has been in an accident, they should be replaced and a lot of families won't be able to afford that," says Abeloe.

She says that she hopes the program will help to prevent future injuries.