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Flutter By Butterflies As Walk-Through Exhibit On South Coast Opens

Butterflies at the Butterfly Pavilion at Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History

How about a chance to get up-close and personal with graceful, fluttering butterflies? That’s the opportunity for visitors at Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History from today.

Some of around a thousand butterflies are being released at the Butterfly Pavilion at Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, ahead of its opening to the public.

Kim Zsembik, Senior Manager of Guest Services for the Butterfly Pavilion, says it's an opportunity to be around many of the creatures close-up.

"You would never experience this many butterflies in one place, in the wild, hiking," Zsembik told KCLU.

She explained that the butterflies are tropical and thrive in hot, humid conditions, which they're tried to recreate in the Pavilion.

"You're going to see a lot of butterflies which you wouldn't normally see in California," said Zsembik.

Butterflies Alive! summer exhibit will be open Saturday, May 29 through Monday, Sept 6, 2021.

Museum indoor and outdoor exhibits open Wednesday–Sunday, 10:00 AM–5:00 PM

Reservations are required for admission at