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New Mural Highlights Plight Of Deported Veterans In Ventura County


The mural is one of a series of art works being installed in locations like Santa Paula, where communities have felt impacts from immigration policies.

The artwork comes about as a result of the The Leave No One Behind Mural Project.

Coordinator George Sandoval, from Veterans for Peace in Ventura County – a Vietnam Veteran himself – says he hopes it’ll urge the administration and Congress to repatriate deported veterans.

"The mural is to create an awareness through the community and also to encourage the Biden administration to get these deported Veterans home now," he told KCLU.

Sandoval said: "A lot of them came to the United States at a very young age and they've been here for many years.

"They joined the service out of high school and they served the country.

"They went to in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq - they fought. Some got injured - some have serious injuries. And then they got deported for a variety of reasons," he said.

The mural will be unveiled at 11am on Saturday at The Corner Cottage, 925 E. Main Street, Santa Paula, CA.