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Black Business Leaders Focus On The Path To Business Leadership For Black Students in Ventura County

Cal Lutheran

It’s one thing to find a job after college, but another to navigate the often difficult pathways to advance your career to a leadership position.

That’s what Landry Irumva had in mind, when he organized the online forum for Black students in Ventura county, as part of a new Cal Lutheran fellowship for Black lives.

"So many networking forums and career services gear you to get a job," he told KCLU. "But they don't prepare the skills that once you get into that job, how can you advance to a leadership position."

He's organized local Ventura county leaders in the workplace to take part in the on-line forum discussion.

Details on how to register are here. The event is Friday April 16 at 4.30PT.

Cal Lutheran is the parent of KCLU.