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Supporting Officers' Wellness: Police Foundation Launch In Oxnard


Our law enforcement officers are often at the front line of traumatic events, and a new Foundation – set up by Oxnard Police Department, aims to support officers’ wellbeing, as well as improve community relations. 

The non-profit has been established to provide wellness support to officers, as well as to bridge gaps in supporting community events.

A group of community members have come together with the Oxnard Police Department to form the Oxnard Police Community Foundation (OPCF). 

The OPCF will support critical programs that are not funded by the City of Oxnard, such as community engagement events and peer support following traumatic work-related incidents. 

Oxnard’s Chief of Police Jason Benites says ultimately it helps to increase public safety.

He told KCLU, "By promoting community partnerships that strengthens the police community relationship - that in turn creates additional communication, which lends toward building trust. 

"When he have a dynamic like that in a community," he said, "that makes a safer community because people are more likely to interact with the police."

Benites said," The other part of this is that if our officers' well-being is tended to, they're better officers. That lends towards them doing a better job." 

Policing through community engagement and partnerships is one of the ways the Oxnard Police Department is helping to reduce crime while making lasting connections between law enforcement and the public.

Many communities across the country are forming non-profit foundations to bridge funding gaps and assist law enforcement in acquiring the tools not covered in the regular budget.

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