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Watts Up? DIY Energy Toolkits Being Loaned By Ventura County Libraries

Courtesy of County of Ventura

What if, alongside books, you could borrow a toolkit from your local library, designed to help with home energy savings?

That’s what some Ventura County Libraries are now offering. 

The toolkits include useful tips and free items like LED lightbulbs, low-flow showerheads, and home aerators.

Also included are measuring devices like a Kill-a-Watt meter, infrared laser thermometer, and flow rate bag to help to save energy, water and money.

These simple DIY home improvements can help increase the energy efficiency of your home, making it more comfortable, affordable, resilient, and better for the planet.

Use the tools and supplies in the kit to complete your DIY projects and when you’re finished, return the kit to your local library and enjoy your new and improved home. 

Heather Allen, from the Sustainability Division of County of Ventura, who are behind the scheme, says it is intended to be a simple way to get folks the knowledge, tools, and equipment needed to improve their home’s energy and water usage.

"We wanted something simple with valuable information and people can do it themselves - take their time, and just learn how to be more water and energy efficient. 

"Then hopefully they'll see their money savings in their utility bills and want to do more energy efficient upgrades in their home," she told KCLU. 

"The project is launching first in Ventura County," says Allen, "But there will be similar programs in San Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties. "

To learn more about the toolkits, visit 3C-REN’s Home Energy Savings webpage at To find a kit near you, visit Ventura County Library’s website at

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