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Santa Barbara Zoo's 3-Month-Old Lion Cub Finally On Show To Visitors

The lion cub, conceived and welcomed during the pandemic lockdown at Santa Barbara Zoo, is finally on show to visitors. 

Pauline, who was born last November, can now be seen exploring her outdoor habitat at the zoo, with both of her parents, Ralph and Felicia. 

The Zoo's animal care team have worked hard behind the scenes to ensure introductions between three-month-old Pauline and dad Ralph went smoothly.

First-time parents Ralph and Felicia do have the option to go inside their den whenever they choose, so they may not be visible at all times.

The Zoo refer to her as their "pandemic baby," because she was conceived during the first lockdown and was being reared during the second one. 

Pauline is the first baby for the zoo’s lions - Felicia and Ralph, and the first lion cub the zoo has welcomed in 15 years.

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