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Central Coast Businesses Encouraged To Recycle

Courtesy of City of Santa Maria Utilities Department

Some businesses on the Central Coast are being offered help with recycling around the work place.

Indoor recycling bins are being provided by the City of Santa Maria. 

The indoor recycling bins are being offered to Santa Maria businesses to promote recycling.

The City’s Director of Utilities, Shad Springer, says it’s a way to help encourage recycling in the work place.

"Often times, people at home are familar with the blue bins or the things they might do to recycle at home," Springer said.  

"But often in the office environment, it's not as obvious. They might have a small trash can under their desk.

"So by adding these types of recycling bins to the office environment, it encourages people to recycling those things at the office as well," he told KCLU. 

Springer says that interested local businesses can contact the Santa Maria Utilities Department to get their own set of recycling bins. 

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